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Rehearsal recording #3 of 3 new songs for tour. “Warship”

Rehearsal recording #2 of 3. A personal favorite. “Infiltration”

Rehearsal of new song Thirsty Corpse. Skullshitter will be playing this one in Mexico and California this month.

February 2014 Bay Area Tour - directly after the Acheron DFest show in Mexico City. 

February 2014 Bay Area Tour - directly after the Acheron DFest show in Mexico City. 

In an effort to make this tumblr more engaging I have decided to write here. This is also due to me wanting to speak again, and I hope that here I speak not to the void but to those interested in engaging with my artistic endeavors.

The recent split between Trenchgrinder and Skullshitter was recorded a year ago. It took forever to come out because we wanted it to be a 7” before it was digital. A year later here it is digitally. 

SkullShitter / TrenchGrinder by Skullshitter

I can’t speak for Trenchgrinder (and I should note that while we wrote all of this EP together as I unit, I’m really only speaking for myself here, not Ryan or Robert) but I want to share what this split is to me. This split was written about the paths we travel during life - those we chose, those we do not chose, and the paths that intersect our own, with or without our permission. Violence is a major theme here. Why we chose violence and a focus on violence’s unpredictability. How violence can come into your life at anytime. During the writing of this material I reflected upon the common place role of violence in my younger life, living in Maine. Ranging from the accidental, or even noncommittal violence of a fight among youth to the severity and abruptness of violent death - it is a part of life that is common in most areas, I assume. Having lived in the bubble of New York City for the past eight years, this material made me realize how far away from violence I had become. I have not been involved in or some much as witnessed a violent act as far as I can remember since moving here. I have had a proximity to violence’s pulse, but never have I found myself in it’s eye (nor have I cast my eye directly upon it).

During the writing of the music Ryan went heavily under the spell of Bestial Black Metal. Archgoat, Conqueror, Revenge and Black Witchery dominated his listening and thoroughly infiltrated his writing. Even Robert who is normally trying to shape everything we do (and we love that) took a step back to let Ryan’s passion breath. Multiple songs were discarded in the writing process when we realized they were actually Archgoat songs. I don’t think we’ll ever do anything that sounds like this again. Having been written and recorded a year ago, there are still traces of this sound in what we are doing now - but the tug of war between grind and bestial on this release will not again be thoroughly explored. 

SkullShitter / TrenchGrinder by Skullshitter

Tracks from our split with Trenchgrinder. Rob and I making tapes for Mexcio next month. Maybe will be a physical 7” at some point.

Email me if you want the download for free.

Detailed post about this sometime in the next week.

The second Radiation Blackbody record is available now for pay what you will. Josh and Joel from Defeatist do instrumental bass and drum prog grind. Recorded 3 years ago and just released now because it took Josh three years to finally be okay releasing something digitally with no vinyl counterpart. Any donations are (probably) going to support a vinyl pressing of their third record - which has also already been recorded. Recommended.

I helped out Liz and Florence from The Upskirts with a few songs. After The Upskirts broke up and before Florence moves to Portland - they recorded a few #girlpunk songs about hating NYC and wanting to move. Recorded by Lou Sherman at #yourvillagestudio. Check out The Upskirts “Man Child EP” which is great too.


Please watch this video we made explaining the situation our family is in and how you could help us.  Thank You.  


Special thanks to Ines and Ena Talakic for their help.


Skullshitter brother Robert’s immediate family is in the Philippines. Please take a moment to watch his video about how what his mother is doing there and how you can give directly to her to help rebuild. Much love.

This is happening with the #trenchgrinder brothers. Expecting a west coast tour to directly precede this. #theacheronbk #dfest

This is happening with the #trenchgrinder brothers. Expecting a west coast tour to directly precede this. #theacheronbk #dfest